Our kombucha is not only good when you're not drinking, but also the perfect mixer for when you are.
Here are a few ideas to get you going on your kombucha mixology path. 

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Gypsy cocktail pitcher-2.jpg

The Awaroa Aperitivo

Rolling like a Roman with our version of the Spritz.

30ml Aperitivo (our fave is Peychaud's, but Campari and Aperol are great to)
60ml Prosecco
Top with kombucha (our oak barrel kombucha is the best in this one, but use GYPSY as a back up).


Build over ice and stir!


the helensville villain

Villains of old all loved good gin, and this one is no exception.

30ml really good gin
LOVE kombucha

Build over ice with a squeeze of lime.


Love cocktail-2.jpg

Gypsy cocktail-2.jpg

The lady helen

Named after Lady Helen McLeod, the founding Mama of Helensville, this is our take on the classic Cointreau Fizz.

30ml Cointreau
GYPSY Kombucha
Juice of half a lemon

Fill a highball with ice. Add lemon juice and Cointreau. Top with GYPSY. Stir. Garnish with lemon rind.

the kaipara harbour

Our take on the Caiprihana (if you pronounce it like a kiwi, it sounds like The Kaipara Harbour, which is right where all our booch is made).

30ml Vodka
4 lime wedges
WARRIOR kombucha

Add vodka to ice in a glass. Squeeze out all the lime juice and add the lime wedges. Top with WARRIOR.

Warrior cocktail-3.jpg